Mollusk surf shop, A surfing institution based in san francisco and venice beach.. Mollusca - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Etymology . the words mollusc and mollusk are both derived from the french mollusque, which originated from the latin molluscus, from mollis, soft.. Mollusk - definition and more from the free merriam, Full definition of mollusk : any of a large phylum (mollusca) of invertebrate animals (as snails, clams, or squids) with a soft unsegmented body usually enclosed in a.

Mollusk - mcwdn, Muscular-skeletal: a mollusk has an outer shell. it has a soft body. it has a muscular foot that it uses for movement. digestion. Mollusks printouts - enchantedlearning.com, Click on an animal to go to that printout. for the top 25 printouts, click here. mollusks mollusks are a phylum of soft-bodied invertebrate animals.. Man and mollusc - mollusc mollusk mollusks, Mollusk mollusc mollusks internet resource site for students, educators, and anyone wanting to learn more about the fascinating world of the mollusc / mollusk.

Mollusk | define mollusk at dictionary.com, Mollusc or mollusk (ˈmɒləsk) —n: any invertebrate of the phylum mollusca, having a soft unsegmented body and often a shell, secreted by a fold of skin (the mantle).. The mollusk man, Molluskman.com is a website dedicated to the study of mollusks in the houston area.. The bibble pages, The bibble pages. welcome, chinese visitors! statistics show that as of early 2009 a majority of visits to this site are from china. maybe these are just search robot.