Muscadine Jelly Tutorial

Southern soul mates: muscadine jam, I promised i would report back when i made my muscadine jam, so here we go: i picked i don't know how many, but i know i filled up 2 gallon freezer bags full after. What can i do with muscadine grapes? — good questions, I'd love the jam because the skins make my lips itch. the sweet wine made from muscadines is fantastic. use them up in pie!. How to make jam - easily! with step-by-step photos, recipe, How to make jam in 10 easy steps - fully illustrated, with complete, simple recipe and directions. these are the easiest directions on the web! anyone can make jam.

Canning granny: canning muscadine juice (mama's easy way), Muscadine juice after sitting for a week it will continue to darken and strengthen the flavor.. In season: muscadines and scuppernongs | the kitchn, Muscadine jam in half-pints. this is a rich, spicy, almost smoky jam.. Bread experience : making apple jelly/pectin and apple sauce, It’s apple season! i love apples! apple jelly is my very favorite jelly. not only does it taste wonderful on a pb&j sandwich or toast, you can also use apple jelly.

Little farm in the big city: grape jam, The difference between jam and jelly is the fruit. if you notice at the store, jellies are clear, but jams have bits of fruit in them. i don’t have the patience for. How to can, freeze, dry and preserve any fruit or, General canning know-how. glossary of home preserving (canning, freezing, jam & jelly-making, pickling and drying) terms; how much do i need to pick?. Deep fried kudzu: easy felt balls, I've tried to make felt balls before but i really didn't like the process - gather felt, roll into ball, dip into hot and sudsy water *over and over* until the shape.