Postalreporter Early Out 2013

Early out : postalreporter news blog, The u.s. postal service may resort to early retirements and buyout offers as a way to slash its staff by 66,000 employees this year and another 51,000 next year.. news blog » blog archive » postplan, Postmaster organizations informed that rif effective date postponed until 01/10/2015. there are a lot of anxious postplan impacted postmasters waiting for final news. news blog » early retirement, Here is an interesting article on retirement from may 2014: during his 26 years at a packaging company in charlotte, n.c., pat baines climbed the ladder to become.

Postal reporter - connecting postal employees to postal, Postal news ,postal workers and postal employees place for postal news - a web site connecting u.s. postal employees to postal news,information and more. Vera : postalreporter news blog, The postal service’s announcement that there are no immediate plans to offer incentives or vera to eas employees will be received by some as a mixed message.. Postal news, Postal news for all postal employees other links. colorful pay and holiday postal calendar for 2014 (pdf).

Napus, Postplan impact postmasters in rmpo 6 hour offices included in special posting, separation incentive, ver july 7th, 2014. postal service is sending a letter to all. Early retirement for disabled federal workers: the, 1) i have to be totally disabled to get postal or federal disability retirement. false: you are eligible for disability retirement so long as you are. Important cases, legal updates and/or the current process, Questions always abound when federal agencies and the u.s. postal service offer incentivized programs under the voluntary early retirement authority (vera.