Postalreporter Early Out 2013

Early out : postalreporter news blog, The u.s. postal service may resort to early retirements and buyout offers as a way to slash its staff by 66,000 employees this year and another 51,000 next year.. news blog » blog archive » postplan, Postmaster organizations informed that rif effective date postponed until 01/10/2015. there are a lot of anxious postplan impacted postmasters waiting for final news. news blog » early retirement, Postalreporter reader: opm must be backlogged. normally they send a civil service annuity (csa) number within 2 weeks followed by a temporary annuity statement.

Postal reporter - connecting postal employees to postal, Postal news ,postal workers and postal employees place for postal news - a web site connecting u.s. postal employees to postal news,information and more. Apwu : postalreporter news blog, Apwu web news article 95-2012, aug. 2, 2012. the house of representatives passed a bill on july 31 that could cost federal and postal workers their jobs if they are. Postal news, Postal news for all postal employees we may have found the worst post office in the country : june 13, 2014. usps oig: delivery vehicle fleet replacement.

Napus, Level 6 postplan offices not included in limited area of consideration posting june 27th, 2014. napus national president, tony leonardi, and league national president. Early retirement for disabled federal workers: the, 1) i have to be totally disabled to get postal or federal disability retirement. false: you are eligible for disability retirement so long as you are. Advantages of federal disability retirement | fers & csrs, Posts about advantages of federal disability retirement written by federal disability attorney.