Was The Bill Passed For Unemployment 2014 Extensions

Senate passes extension to unemployment insurance, bill, The senate voted 59 to 38 today in favor of a bill that would restore federal funding for extended unemployment benefits for 2.8 million americans who are considered. House recesses as unemployment extension bill deadline, The house of representatives left for a recess on friday may 30, 2014 for a week without any attempt to vote on the senate passed unemployment benefits extension bill. Obama presidential push could force house to pass, The real reason the house of representatives will not pass the unemployment benefits extension bill has to do with politics, but not partisanship, the politics of.

Unemployment extension 2014: senate bill, hope for jobless, Hope for an unemployment extension in 2014 appeared dead friday, as the us house of representatives left town for another recess without the unemployment benefits. Just 10 days to pass an unemployment extension bill | the, A longtime reporter on the intersection of the federal government and the private sector, rob garver is national correspondent, based in washington, d.c. he has. Senate passes unemployment extension, house in no hurry to, Washington -- the u.s. senate passed a bill reauthorizing long-term unemployment insurance on monday, with democrats hoping the vote will increase pressure.

The senate is going to pass an unemployment insurance, Rhode island (9.2 percent unemployment rate) no house republican lawmakers. nevada (8.7 percent) * rep. mark amodei: a spokesman declined to comment specifically on. Unemployment benefit extension update; euc deal passes, Unemployment benefit extension update; euc deal passes first test in the senate; could pass through senate next week. posted on | march 29, 2014 | 55 comments. Unemployment benefits: will extension pass the house, Unemployment benefits in trouble? a senate bill to renew unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless is unworkable, said house speaker john boehner..