When Will The House Vote On Extending The Unemployment Benefits In 2014

House republicans opposed to extended unemployment, House republicans opposed to extended unemployment benefits could pay the price in 2014: poll. Vote in senate starts talks on extending unemployment benefits, Washington — the senate’s unexpected vote on tuesday to advance legislation extending expired unemployment benefits touched off delicate negotiations. House democrats will try to force unemployment benefits vote, With efforts to renew benefits stalled in the senate, democrats make a longshot move to force action in the house.

Dems in u.s. house ask for immediate up or down vote on, Dems in u.s. house ask for immediate up or down vote on extending federal unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits extended by senate vote today, With the long-term unemployment extension that was cut off at the end of dec 2013, approximately 1.3 million people were left high and dry, waiting to find out if it. Schneider pushes for unemployment benefits vote in house, U.s. rep. brad schneider (d-il,10) has taken steps to push for the reactivation of long-term unemployment benefits in his chamber. on wednesday, schneider.

House votes to repeal cuts to vets benefits, partially, The house voted 326 to 90 tuesday to reverse a controversial $6 billion cut in veterans' benefits included in last year's budget deal. the house bill would offset the. Unemployment benefits - fate uncertain until house votes, Tuesday, the senate voted to reinstate the unemployment benefits for 1.3 million americans which expired on december 28; however, its fate in the house is uncertain.. House likely to pass measure to extend unemployment benefits, The house is set to pass an extension of unemployment insurance benefits, the first of several provisions in the $787 billion stimulus likely to be continued past.