Will Military Retirees Get A Cola Raise For 2014

Philpott's forum: understanding retiree's cola cap anger, Philpott’s forum is dedicated to sharing the opinion, insight, and questions posted by readers of tom philpott’s military update. the following is a sampling of. Military retiree cola may raise in 2012, If the inflation trend continues the cola for 2012 military retiree pay could increase substantially.. The military retirement system | military.com, Retirement system: basis : multiplier : cola : bonus : final pay : last month's basic pay: 2.5% for each year of service: cpi: no: high 36: average of the highest 36.

2014 cola for retired military veterans | military benefits, December 31, 2013. the 1.5% cola adjustment is also effective for disabled veterans, surviving families, military and federal civilian retirees, survivor benefit. Congress set to overturn cola cuts for retirees | military.com, A flurry of bills to repeal the just-enacted cuts to the cost-of-living-adjustment for military retirees was expected to come up for immediate. 2014 military retiree & annuitant pay schedule | military, 2014 military retiree and annuitant pay schedule provided by the dfas (defense finance and accounting service..

Military retirees: you betrayed us, congress - dec. 12, 2013, Military retirees are outraged that congress will start voting thursday on a budget deal that trims military pensions, calling the move "an egregious. Retirement pay at risk - must read! | military.com, I retire after 22 yrs of military serves and all i have to do is worry my retirement at risk, why i gave you my young years of my life that i could have done other. Enlisted retirees speak out about cola cuts | allen b, After being retired for 20 years now, i have gotten to the point where i don’t pull very many words and the tact i learned to speak with in the military takes a.